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Crazy Chasers Webinar

Do you own a Border Collie that likes to chase everything that moves?

Are you dragged around on lead as soon as a car, bike or runner goes past?

Are you dreading having your dog off lead as they will be off chasing something as soon as they see it?

Do you have a dog that has started showing interest in chasing cars and you want to “nip it in the bud” straight away?

This webinar will start you on the journey of understanding, managing and train your Border Collie on the typical breed unwanted behaviours.

LAT WEBINAR: Transform your Border Collie from a reactor to a reporter

This webinar you will take your throw the most important exercise when dealing with reactivity on the lead due to fear or movement sensitivity like traffic chasing.

Bronze Tricks Training

Bronze Tricks class, the best way to keep your dog entertained with easy and fun exercises! 

First 10 Days with your Puppy

You are finally getting your new puppy and you have a lot of questions to get it right! It is normal, we have all been there.

This online course will walk you through all you need to know before taking you puppy home, to make it the best experience possible and will support your first 10 days with your puppy.

If you have your puppy at home already you will find easy answers to all your questions and to have some problem solving to make the experience stress free.

Top Training Tools

One of the most common phrases that I hear from my students is:

" I wish I knew all these before" or " I wish I started training with you months ago!"

I also wish I was the training I am now when I had Moss, 12 years ago. He wasn't the easiest dog and I did a lot of mistakes. I wish now that someone would have given me some more structure, reassurance that the plan I was on would work and I wish I didn't have to experiment on him different methods. 

I wish I found out about all the techniques I have now, the same ones I teach daily to my online and face to face students. 

So I have decided to deliver to you my 5 most important foundation tools to start you off the right journey. The 5 more important things I wish I had when Moss was a puppy and that I spend the first two weeks working on with all my students!

The Collie Eye Webinar

"The Collie Eye"

Dive into the world of Collie breeds:

  •  History: I will explain the history of Collie breeds, tracing their roots and why they have been created
  •  Breeding and Selection: Gain insights on breeding and selecting Collies, understanding how their distinctive traits are shaped.🐾
  • Traits: Explore the unique characteristics that define Collies, from their intelligence and loyalty to their boundless energy and herding instincts.
  •  Urban Collie Challenges: Learn about the specific challenges that arise when owning Collies in urban environments, and discover strategies to ensure their happiness and well-being.
  •  Expert Tips for Handling Breed Traits: Receive invaluable advice on effectively managing and harnessing Collie breed traits, especially when they manifest as challenging behaviours.
  •  Recall, Lead Walking, Traffic Safety, and Reactivity Hacks: Equip yourself with practical tips and techniques for mastering essential skills like recall, lead walking, and ensuring the safety of your Collie around traffic.
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